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The Heil Formula® 4000 rear loader is the mid-range workhorse of the industry. With over 15,000 built, the Formula® 4000 is a proven performer. Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide depend on it day in and day out, in big cities and small towns alike.

It’s no wonder that the Formula® 4000 has such broad appeal. Its low cost of ownership and impressive list of features make the 4000 a logical choice as a complete refuse collection system.

Tight Fit

• Ejector panel is engineered for precise fit in the body
• Ejector does not come in contact with the tailgate
• Snoutless ejector design elevates the cylinder base, which keeps the cylinder free from contamination by refuse

Open Front Head

• Provides easy access for maintenance behind ejector panel and to the ejector cylinder
• An optional side access door is also available with an enclosed front head

Interlaced subframe

• Heil’s interlaced subframe is made from formed channels for extra strength
• Abrasion-resistant, high tensile steel means a stronger floor to survive the most demanding conditions


• External oil tank with 10 micron spin-on oil filter and suction line shutoff valve
• Easy service of hydraulic oil system will keep the system cleaner, reducing wear on hydraulic components

Container Handling Options

• Cart tippers for residential rolling carts
• Winch (shown) for commercial containers
• Reeving cylinder for commercial containers
• Roll bar for commercial containers

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